November 28, 2014

Slides from Egypt talks

I published slides from my two talks from our Egypt company meeting.
First one is about Sphinx search engine. The originally presentation was prepared by Andrew Aksenoff, author of Sphinx for conference, I translated it on English for our meeting.
And second about Mercurial version system, the tool we decided to use for our internal and web projects.

About Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim leads Percona's development group, which produces Percona Clould Tools, the Percona Server, Percona XraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup. He is an expert in solid-state storage, and has helped many hardware and software providers succeed in the MySQL market.


  1. Roman says:

    Did you select the topic ‘sphinx’ because it’s a good match for Egypt, or did you choose the location to match the topic ;-) ?

  2. Vadim says:

    Well, we use Sphinx for our projects, that’s why.

    Also I inserted some pictures of Sphinx in presentation, you can see it’s not only in Egypt :)

  3. adapter says:

    […] the second part of InnoDB creator Heikki Tuuri’s answers to InnoDB questions, on the MySQL Performance […]

  4. This is interesting. The Spinhx pictures are the best though. I might be siding here with my own interests. Nevertheless, good presentation.

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