November 26, 2014

Quick look at Ubuntu 6.06

There are a lot of talks around new coming Ubuntu 6.06, so I decided to make quick benchmarks.
I used sysbench 0.4.6 oltp-read-only workload with 1000000 rows against InnoDB and MyISAM tables.
Such workload is CPU-bound and allows to compare CPU / OS if we are using the same version of MySQL.
So I used MySQL 5.0.22 and my box Dual Core Athlon 3800+, 1Gb of RAM.
For comparison I tested the same workload on my primary Suse 10.0.

Here are results (in transactions per sec, more is better):

threadsUbuntu 6.06Suse 10.0Suse/ Ubuntu ratio
threadsUbuntu 6.06Suse 10.0Suse / Ubuntu ration

In general Suse 10.0 looks better, though the difference is not significant.

About Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim leads Percona's development group, which produces Percona Clould Tools, the Percona Server, Percona XraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup. He is an expert in solid-state storage, and has helped many hardware and software providers succeed in the MySQL market.


  1. Dmitry says:

    I appologize for offtopic :) I tried sysbench with it’s oltp test – 1st time ran with 10 concurent threads on 10K record table (by default), 2nd time – 100 threads on 100M records, the result was only 30% slower 2nd time, how’s that colud be?
    /* original idea was to check the performance of myisam vs innodb :) /*

  2. Vadim says:

    I recommend to run sysbench in such mode, for CPU-bound (10K records):
    1. warmup ~3-5 min (–max-time=180 –max-requests=0)
    2. several runs by 1-2 min – and than take average or maximum result

    for 100M records you need much more warmup (about 15min) and longer runs – 5-10 min each.

    Comparison results on cold database makes no sense.

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