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Our releases of 2009, in reverse chronological order:

Percona Launches Training on InnoDB/XtraDB Storage Engines for MySQL Databases

PLEASANTON, Calif., Aug. 24, 2009 -- Percona LLC (http://www.percona.com/training), provider of pay-as-you-go consulting for the popular LAMP stack and other open-source software, announced today training workshops for InnoDB and XtraDB, which are among the most widely used storage engines for the open-source MySQL database.

MySQL Founder Monty Widenius and Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev Launch the Open Database Alliance

May 13, 2009 -- Monty Program Ab, a MySQL database engineering company, and Percona, a MySQL services and support firm, today announced the "The Open Database Alliance", a vendor-neutral consortium designed to become the industry hub for the MySQL open source database, including MySQL and derivative code, binaries, training, support, and other enhancements for the MySQL community and partner ecosystem. The Open Database Alliance will comprise a collection of companies working together to provide the software, support and services for MariaDB, an enterprise-grade, community-developed branch of MySQL.

Percona Performance Conference Set For April 22-23, 2009

PLEASANTON, Calif., Feb 11, 2009 -- Percona, a leading provider of consulting and support for large, high-performance Internet applications built from open-source software, has announced their Percona Performance Conference 2009. The conference theme is “Performance is Everything.”

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