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Przemyslaw Malkowski

Support engineer

Przemek joined Support Team at Percona in August 2012.

Before that he spent over five years working for Wikia.com as System Administrator. During Wikia's intensive growth from early, small startup, up to the point of being the largest network of community driven content, he was a key person responsible for seamless building up MySQL powered database infrastructure. Besides MySQL he worked on maintaining all other parts of LAMP stack, with main focus on automation, monitoring and backups.
In earlier job he also was an Open Source advocate, where he managed to introduce LAMP based technology to start large project of remotely distributed water pump stations monitoring.
His computer related adventure started many years ago from 8-bit Atari and PC-XT, later transferred into Amiga computers passion.

In his private life he enjoys spending time with his wife and numerous kids, watching movies, photography, and taking care of his freshwater aquarium. He lives in Poland, small town Puszczykowo, which is surrounded by beautiful forests.