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Experts in MySQL and InnoDB Performance

Percona is the oldest and largest independent MySQL Support, Consulting, Remote DBA, Training, and Software Development company with a global, 24x7 staff of nearly 100 serving more than 2,000 customers in 50+ countries since 2006. Our MySQL service clients and open source software users achieve breakthrough results with MySQL: cost savings, faster time to market, higher system up-time, and long-term scalability. MySQL performance is a focus for all that we do.

Our contributions to the MySQL community include open source server and tools software, books, and original research published on the MySQL Performance Blog. Our MySQL database software variant, Percona Server, is used by many leading Internet companies and has been downloaded over 700,000 times. Percona XtraBackup and Percona Toolkit have both been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and are compatible with MySQL, Percona Server, and MariaDB. Percona XtrDB Cluster is a powerful, open source solution for high availability MySQL. We also organize the Percona Live MySQL conferences where community members connect and share knowledge.

Percona MySQL Consulting

Percona MySQL Consulting customers reduce their costs, become more agile, and access our deep expertise and insight in MySQL and the entire application stack. Pay-as-you-go contracts and bulk hour discounts are available.

Percona MySQL Support

Percona MySQL Support helps reduce your support budget, increase system uptime, and lets you be more productive. Our annual contracts cover a wide variety of technologies including MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Drizzle, and Percona XtraBackup.

Percona MySQL Remote DBA

Percona MySQL Remote DBA provides highly qualified DBAs who login remotely to manage the performance and availability of your MySQL servers. We apply operational best practices to ensure your systems are running reliably and smoothly. Percona Remote DBA has a fixed monthly cost based on your MySQL deployment size and includes unlimited issues.

Percona MySQL Training

Percona MySQL Training offers intensive MySQL, XtraDB, and InnoDB courses that teach the skills DBAs and developers need to architect, build, and maintain reliable, high performance MySQL-based applications. Custom onsite and Live Virtual Training are also options.

Percona MySQL Server Development

Percona MySQL Server Development professionals are leading experts with deep knowledge of InnoDB internals who perform tasks such as creating new features, improving performance, and building custom server plugins. We can also advise on your internal MySQL development efforts, as we have for leading storage-engine and appliance vendors.


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